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      12 Month/Unlimited Miles



      J&K Engines, 12071 C Lebanon Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122 (herein referred to as J&K Engines) warrants to the original customer named in the sale invoice (Customer) that the remanufactured long block assembly described in the invoice (Engine) will be free from defects, malfunctions or failures arising out of ordinary use when installed and maintained according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, on the following terms and conditions Warranty. Stock Replacement Only!


      In the unlikely event of failure, J&K Engines will, for a period of twelve months from the date of delivery for non-commercial applications and at its option, repair or replace the Long Block Assembly. Please note commercial application are limited to 50,000 miles. J&K Engine's sole an exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at J&K Engines’ option, repair or replacement of the defective parts. No labor is paid under this warranty.



      1. This warranty is from the date of delivery of the engine from J&K Engines to the Customer, with no mileage limitation (Warranty term). If the engine is determined by J&K Engines to be defective according to the terms of this warranty, the repaired or replacement engine is also covered under this Warranty.

      2. This Warranty is for the repair or replacement of the defective Engine, at J&K Engine’s option by J&K Engines.



      1. Improper Installation and /or debris entering the Engine.

      2. Failure due to over heating.

      3. Failure due to fuel contamination, fuel wash, or lack of lubrication.

      4. Racing or any other form of competition.

      5. If damage is the result from accident or misuse.

      6. Use of any fuel other than what the Engine was designed for.

      7. Damage due to turbo charger failure or improper installation of intake and/or exhaust manifolds.

      8. Removal or damage of heat tabs including but not limited to melting.

      9. Unauthorized disassembly of the Long Block Engine.

      10. Failure due to the installation of a device not original to the vehicle, non-OEM.

      11. Installation in an application other than what the long block was designed for., IE: water, craft or stationary applications.



      This Warranty is limited to the original Customer named on the sales invoice and is not transferable.


      1. Towing, labor for removal of the defective Engine or parts, or reinstall of the repaired or replacement Engine or parts, fluids, gaskets, loss of income and other incidental expenses, are not covered by the Warranty.

      2. External components, including but not limited to control modules, pumps and injectors and service items are not covered by this Warranty.

      3. Overheating, abuse or misuse, installation or modification or maintenance not according to OEM specifications, use with aftermarket control modules (“chipping”), and/or damage from accident, fire, mis fueling or water voids this Warranty.

      4. Missing, altered, substituted or replaced heat tabs or heat sensitive paint voids this Warranty.

      5. Under no circumstances will J&K Engines be obligated to refund the purchase price.



      Customer must complete the Warranty registration which is shipped with the engine and mail/fax or email the registration to J&K Engines, 12071 C Lebanon Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122 or fax 615-758-7739 or email to within 30 days from the time that they receive the Engine. Customer must retain a copy of the Warranty registration form as well as all copies of receipts showing installation, maintenance and any other items related to the installation of the long block assembly and provide them upon request.



      J&K ENGINES MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY EXCLUDES CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Warranty claims: Please contact us at the earliest convenience by calling (615)758-7749 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. If it is determined by J&K Engines that there may legitimate warranty claim, you may be asked to submit your claim in writing to: or to J&K Engines, 12071 C Lebanon Road, Mount Juliet TN 37122. In most cases, warranty issues can be resolved quickly and onsite. However, in some cases, and at J&K Engine’s option, we may require the return of the long block assembly for inspection and testing. Core Return: The core, your old long block assembly, must be returned for credit. No holes in the block or missing parts. Missing parts, damaged crankshaft, camshaft, heads or blocks may be deducted from the core charge.


      Easy to understand summary:

      J&K Engines. Limited Warranty for all re manufactured engines is designed to keep everything as simple and easy to understand as possible. J&K Engines warrants components against defects in our workmanship and materials in accordance with the limitations outlined below. Repairs or replacement will be made at our shop. After submitting your diesel engine’s warranty registration, be sure to keep all warranty documentations with the vehicle. If a problem should arise, simply call the telephone number on the warranty certificate and J&K Engines. Warranty Department will assign a claim number and start working with you or your shop right away. Warranty is not transferable. No matter where you are, our Warranty Department is prepared to work with the auto professional of your choice, nationwide. Long Block Truck Engines/ Manufactured Engines Application.


      Warranty Length (from date of sale) installed in passenger cars, light trucks, and light duty commercial 1 ton or less 12 month/UNLIMITED MILES.


      Installed in ambulance, package delivery, snow removal, police, tow truck, school bus, dump truck, fleet vehicles or commercial vehicles over 1 ton greater 12 months or 50,000 miles which ever occurs first.

      Installed in motor homes 12 month or 50, 000 miles, whichever comes first.

      Installed as industrial or stationary power units or in marine application 30 days from date of sale.

      Installed as irrigation power units 30 days from Date of Sale Warranty Conditions.

      Customer must install a new low pressure oil pump complete assembly with front cover at the time the J&K Engines engine is installed in the vehicle. Keep the receipt for the oil pump with the Warranty paperwork. A copy of the receipt must be included anytime that a warranty claim is made.


      J&K Engines, is not responsible for damages or failures caused from overheating and/or freeze cracks to blocks, lack of lubricants/fluids, over revving, damage from aftermarket performance products “chipping” or any other alteration from manufacturer's specifications, detonation or pre-ignition. Damage from debris entering the engine during installation is not covered under this warranty.


      Buyer agrees that J&K Engines will not be responsible for accidents, injury to person or property, lost profits, sales or income, towing charges, oil, anti freeze or any other liquids storage fees, freight, lodging, telephone calls, labor outside of our shop, unauthorized repairs or repairs prior to receiving a claim number, or any other situation beyond our control.


      Your J&k Engines engine block and heads are equipped with an overheating temperature sensor. Warranty is void if temperature sensor is activated, missing or destroyed. Both parties agree that any dispute arising in regards to this warranty will be handled in Wilson County, TN.


      Core Charge: You have paid a core charge for a re-man able core which include exactly the parts that J&K Engines has provided you with in the purchase of our Long/Short Block Engine. Those parts include the engine block complete with heads and all the internal parts or the short and its rotating assembly. Also the Long Block included both rocker boxes with all of the rockers, crossovers and attaching hardware and injector hold downs. J&K Engines will deduct the cost of any broken or missing parts or parts damaged beyond repair from the core charge. Any additional parts attached to the core will not be returned. Customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the core engine back to J&K Engines, 12071 C Lebanon Road, Mount Juliet TN 37122.